Sweet Corn Seed

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ALL SWEET CORN COMES TREATED (included in price)

Variety Color Genotype Price Per 1# Bag* 25# Bag 50# Bulk BUY
Ambrosia Bi se LB $13.83 $318.75 $619.15 Ambrosia Online Order
Peaches ‘N Cream MID Bi se LB $12.75 $318.75 $587.50 Peaches N CreamOnline Order
Sweet G 90 Bi su LB $12.68 $317.00 $584.00 Sweet G 90 Online Order
Jackpot Bi se LB $14.50 $362.50 $675.00 Jackpot Online Order
Providence Bi TripleSweet LB $16.75 $418.75 $787.50 Providence Online Order
Serendipity Bi TripleSweet LB $16.00 $400.00 $750.00 Serendipity Online Order
Trinity Bi se LB $13.83 $309.58 $619.15 Trinity Online Order
Fiesta Novelty/Ornamental Multi Hybrid Flint LB $11.00 $214.60   Fiesta Online Order
Kandy Korn Yllw se LB $13.50 $337.50 $625.00 Kandy Korn Online Order
Bodacious R/M Yllw se LB $13.27 $331.25 $590.88 Bodacious Online Order
Incredible R/M Yllw se LB $13.22 $330.50 $611.00 Incredible Online Order
Sugar Buns Yllw se LB $14.76 $332.78 $665.55 Sugar Buns Online Order
Honey Select Yllw TripleSweet LB $16.00 $400.00 $750.00 Honey Select Online Order
Silver King Wht su LB $15.25 $381.25 $712.50 Silver King Online Order
Avalon Wht TripleSweet LB $16.75 $418.75 $787.50 Avalon Online Order

*Add $1/lb for Custom label and bag.

A Passion For Sweet Corn

Short Season Ambrosia
AMBROSIA is a homozygous sugary enhancer with supreme eating quality. This variety is noted for its early vigor, high tolerance to Stewart’s Wilt, and its heartiness in shipping. Under stressful conditions, Ambrosia may tip blank.
Sugar Buns
A sugary enhanced (se+) variety with the longest harvest period of all early corn varieties. Remains tender for up to two weeks in the field for the longest harvest period of all early corn varieties.
Mid Season Peaches & Cream
When consumers think of bicolor, they’ll think of PEACHES & CREAM. It is a heterozygous seed with about an 83 day maturity. It has a girthy ear with good husk cover.
BODACIOUS is a truly homozygous sugary enhanced hybrid. Its wide adaptability in northern latitudes and con- sistent performance have made BODACIOUS the most popular variety in its class.
Silver King
Excellent eating quality, wide range of adaptation. SILVER KING matures in about 82 days, homozygous seed.
Full Season Sweet G 90
SWEET G 90 is a synergistic bicolor with good tip fill. This productive hybrid has a clean, rugged plant with excellent early vigor. The ear is very attractive with good husk protection..
INCREDIBLE is a proven gourmet sweet corn. Its wide adaptability has made it the most popular homozygous sugary enhanced variety in the world.
Triple Sweet MSS Serendipity
Bicolor Triple Sweet com- bines excellent sweet corn flavor with seed tenderness. 25% super sweet kernels for added shelf life and eating quality. SERENDIPITY matures in about 82 days.
Honey Select
Seed with added super sweet kick for extended shelf life and high eating quality. Triple Sweet HONEY SELECT matures in about 79 days.

Noted for its superb eating quality in a product consumers will go out of their way to buy. AVALON matures in about 82 days. 1st white Triple Sweet.

A top seller in Kansas for Edgewell AG!!!